Care for Creation

In view of the beauty of creation, and with the knowledge of the limits of natural resources, we honor and protect our environment by limiting our consumption, by moderating our demands and by handling the gifts of the earth responsibly.

- Constitution of the Sisters of the Redeemer; Spiritual Text, Art. 12

Our Belief

Caring for creation has always been a priority for the Sisters of the Redeemer, and as their ministry, Redeemer Valley Farm. For many decades, the Sisters tended the land—a large garden and animals provided food not only for the Sisters, but for those in their care. 

While remaining true to the simple roots of the Sisters of yesteryear, today Redeemer Valley Farm maintains a commitment to open space and to share the land and connect with one another and the local community. 

It is a vision of the Sisters and Redeemer Valley Farm to provide opportunities for people to deepen connection and reverence for creation—our common home—while in turn experiencing greater reverence for others and self that leads to community, healing, and wholeness.

Our Connection

Redeemer Valley Farm looks to deepen connections to creation through:

  • Hands on participation through gardening and animal care
  • Educational experiences for students of all ages
  • Spiritual development opportunities through retreats and programs
  • Incorporation of sustainable renewable energy sources
  • Local sustainable food production, including produce, eggs, and dairy

Sustainability Efforts

As the community garden has continued to grow, we continue to learn best practices for growing produce without relying on chemical treatments. We utilize such sustainable practices as mixing our own seed starting soil, companion planting, cover crops, rotational plantings, and row cover to improve soil and reduce weed and pest pressure while maintaining high nutritional produce quality.

A small flock of chickens were also raised early one with the growing awareness of the common inhuman treatment of animals who provide food. We now raise our chickens on fresh pasture using a mobile chicken coop so they can free range in a healthy natural environment.

Additional Sustainability Efforts

Sister holding a baby goat

Garden compost bin

Using compost reduces waste, promotes healthier soil without chemicals, and cuts down on methane gases.

Use organic mushroom compost/soil

Improves soil water retention, attracts earthworms which naturally add more nutrients to the soil naturally.

On-site Farm Market

Provides healthy, natural produce to the local community without the damaging impact of large-scale transportation.

      Chicken flock moves into garden at the end of growing season

      As an example of regenerative farming, the chickens temporarily move into the garden to redistribute their droppings to add nutrients to the soil.

      Making goat milk products

      Using milk from our goats, we handcraft soaps and lotion.

      Crop cover planting

      Helps with soil erosion, reduces weeds, and improves soil health.

      A goat smiling at the camera

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