Happy Birthday! Celebrating Firsts on the Farm- Gusty and the Barn Kitties Turn One

Mar 12, 2024

Gusty our Great Pyrenees puppy will be one year old on March 16. Oscar, Milo, Tootsie and Zoey, Our Barn kittens will also be a year old on March 22!

To help us celebrate, you can give a birthday gift to Gusty, the kittens, or their farm friends and home by visiting our Amazon Wish Lists.  Your gifts are greatly appreciated. Items purchased through the Wish List can be conveniently delivered directly to the Farm by selecting the pre-populated “Sr. Ana Gift Registry Address.”

Animal Wish List: https://bit.ly/RVFgusty

Barn Wish List: https://bit.ly/3ThAkQ3


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